All Ends In Tears

by Emperor Of Myself

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Released by Goetic Records

Alex Polizos - Drums, Vocals
Nick Georgiou - Guitar, Programming
Dimitris Polizos - Vocals, Guitar, Bass


released 14 March 2014

Recorded November 2013-February 2014
Mixed and mastered at Empire studio
All songs written by Emperor Of Myself
Female vocals on ''I Blame You'' by Rovena Xhori



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Ι Don t Care
Fall - inside your hole
Crawl - you can beg for more
Now you got it right
Right in your veins
I don t give a shit
I can give you more pain

Read - I can read your mind
Feel - I can feel your lies
Now you got it right
Right in your brain
As you see there is no escape
Break - It breaks you
Break - There is nothing you can do

Time can t wait for you
I will not bleed for two
I don t care if your pain
Doesn t go away

You have your dreams I have my nightmares
Give me what you take is my only answer
Read - you can t read my mind
Give - Back what is mine
Now you got it right you have my flames
All over you no escape
Break - I breaks you
I don t feel for you
Track Name: When Nothing Means Everything
Locked in the cage of my mind
When trying to find out what is mine
And the days are passing me by
All alone with nothing in my side
How I wish to have you one day
This empty You that means everything

Words coming from the unknown
Cries in the wind for me
When nothing means everything
Hell can t be real when I have nothing to hope
Track Name: A Place To Die
I am crawling to touch You You are far away
My weakness become your strenght I am loosing You
I can feel my end coming to
You are far away

Find a place where I can lay
Find a place where I can stay
Find a place where I can love
Find someone to hold on
You have gone from my life
And I still wonder why
You have gone from my life
Find me now a place, a place to die

I am feeling so small
When I m in front of You
If You go deeper You ll find more
Everything so real
Your hands nails in my soul please take me with You
I can feel my end coming to
You are far away
Track Name: No Pride
Love with hate when all is pain
Cry inside no one will hear
Empty feelings no one will feel

And You always separate from me
And I always follow what you say

Death with no pride death what you left inside
Never never be the same when all is pain
Empty feelings no one will feel
Track Name: I Blame You
Tonight is your night never seem to end
Tonight is my night there will be an end
Questions and answers left incomplete
Our time tears down You will come to me
Decisions made now You are free

I blame You -For all I ve been through
I blame You - For the death of mine
I blame You - What are you gonna do
I blame You - For this last time

After all these years nothing has changed
After all these tears You are the one who blames
Nights of absence standing by my own
Waiting for a sign but where are you
Decisions made now I am free
Track Name: Something I Can Not Be
Lost inside my thoughts and always feeling alone
Lost inside my heart and always feeling so dark
Lost inside You why are you so cruel

You wanted me something I can not be
You wanted me something I can not live
You had my heart turn in to dark
You had my heart turn in to black

I give you my all and always feeling alone
Unbroken moments moments left their scars
For the rest of my life this load upon my back
Lost inside my thoughts why am I alone
Lost inside my heart why am I in the dark
Track Name: Bloodtrail
They only telling lies and we are sentenced to die
You will never have your rights they kill you just to save their life
You stand here with me in a ground we will never leave
We don t care what s coming next I will kill them if ai have a chance

Open your arms what you have emptiness
Open your mind what is inside despair

Follow that blood trail the answer is over there
Don t be afraid You are with me an inner fear we don t need
Follow that blood trail 1000 of them are over there
Track Name: Hours Of Madness
Started one day to find my way all the roads are leading to you
When I came something strange what I saw that wasn t you
If I knew what I would face I wouldn t come to you
Senseless moments without your hands
Senseless moments without you
I asked myself if this is the ends answered to myself my end with you

I see you there you are always there
I can see you there but without me
Hours of madness in the daylight
Hours of despair sleepless in the night
I walk away with my head down
Hours of madness never leave now

Sitting all alone seeking for the past
Things I didn t do and what I ve done
Memories fading as the time goes by
Times with you will never come back
I hate myself for feeling this way
Strong emotions I can t see another day
Senseless moments without your hands
Senseless moments without you
I asked myself if this is the ends answered to myself my end with you
Track Name: Slaughtered In Your Heaven
Bury me under your heart and forget where I am
Burn all you leave behind you will never be mine
I am waiting for the end don t come again

But let me show you how things goes
But killing a soul doesn t make you strong

You escaped from my dreams now I see reality
Slaughtered in your heaven there are all my head
You become my nightmare a nightmare I can t forget
All I hear is cry my cry for my life
Burn all you leave behind don t come again
Track Name: All Ends In Tears
Fall - Falling into the abyss
Crying - Try so hard to see
Dying - Every day for you
Feel it - Can you feel it too

Curse my name
Curse my soul
Curse my life I can take all
Hate my name
Hate my soul
Hate my life I can take all

Call - Calling now you are calling my name
Crying - Now you re crying for me
Dying - Everyday for me
Falling - In your own abyss
Feel it - Now you re feeling me
Track Name: The Distance To Eternity
I am here waiting for you I am here but where are you
Looks like eternity so far from everything
Standing so cold still searching for you
Searching for my heart
Can you hear my cry cry of despair pray for an end
I want to come to you please tell me where are you
I am so afraid

Heaven and hell all above me I remember what you told me
Skies and stars all are black I can t see you are
Don t wait here what you said you can reach ,reach my end
Heaven and hell all above me I can t here I m so sorry
Find yourself somewhere else I m not the one who blames
Heaven and hell all above me I can t be here I m so sorry
Track Name: Denial
Lost all I ve done for you
Deny I denied all for you
Fear a feeling that never leaves me
I won t fear death for you

Broken promises what you left for me
I denied all you denied me
Can t say a word when you re front of me
One mistake death you give to me

What is left inside is broken
What you keep inside is stolen
And I find you in my way
How will I make you pay
Track Name: Words Of Dying
Remember all my tries remember all my lies
Fears I have faced I will find a way
To win my life back a lifeless life

Time time won t heal your words ,words of dying
Let me live

Walking a dark road shadows everywhere
I want to ignore shadows are calling me
There is nothing left in me I want to ignore
They are talking about you ,you and your words
I will find a way to win my life back