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Destined To Fail

by Emperor Of Myself

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released September 20, 2015

Recorded mixed and mastered at Empire studio March-July 2015
Dimitris Polizos-Vocals,bass guitar
Alex Polizos-Drums,vocals
All music and lyrics by Dimitris Polizos 92/100 8/10



all rights reserved


Emperor Of Myself Athens, Greece

Formed in 2006

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Track Name: Why It Burns Inside
Welcome to this nightmare
When all are the same
No asking why does it hurt
No one is here and nothing to believe

It starts with burning inside
And then will eat you alive
It will kill your mind
Feelings you cannot hide
You re asking yourself why
You re trying so hard to die
You re asking again why
Why it burns inside

The night comes again
Darkness your only friend
Lying alone in your bed
Thoughts are driving you insane
Why does it hurt?

The sky was mine what I had made it yours
I cry and I cry I am all alone
No one is here no one can hear on one sees inside me

I try to tell I try to show I try and I fail
To your eyes to your soul I try and I fail
Track Name: Destined To Fail
You have seen another life
And you want to leave it behind
You have another goal
This will never come to
Living through ignorance
Searching for some meaning in this
Trying so hard to stay awake
A funeral of feelings

Here is the end and a failure
That you can t forget
Ηere is the end and a new start you will never make
Destined to fail and a life is thrown away
Destined to fail and death is waiting
As I reach for the sky no sign
As I reach for your hands no sign
As I reach for your heart end of life

Now you re walking all alone
No place for you to call home
A constant reminder of how you feel
But you can t believe it
Living through ignorance
Searching for some meaning in this
Trying so hard to stay awake
A funeral of feelings
Track Name: Α Μonth Of Joy And A Year Of Sorrow
I came to you one night
Heaven in my arms
Your face shown that night
A feeling of joy filled my heart

Words words so true
I believed in you
The meaning that I have lost
I found it on you
And now you re gone
I am on my own
I believed in you

Alone in my room
Thinking of you
Lost again in my thoughts
They won t come true
Nothing leads me to you

I can t stand again
I m living in my own hell
I believed in you
I believed in you
Track Name: The Pain I Hide
See but you don t believe
Feel now what is too real
Hear my story it is unheard
Feel my fear it s coming to the end

Years and years wearing that smile
But behind the pain inside Ι hide
No one will heal again my broken soul
But behind the pain inside I hide

Walk on my empty street
Live now my broken dream
Feel now hate is it too real?
Your hate is coming for me

For them I will always be a shame
For them I will always be too late
Track Name: Dying Every Day
As the days go by
I see and realise
How beautiful you are
This makes me sad
I would give everything
To have you back
I would give my life
Just to see you now

Can you see I m dying every day
Can you see my life incomplete
Bring me death to my life
Bring me dark to my heart
Can you see I m dying every day

As the years go by
Nothing has cahnged in my life
Your eyes I see everywhere
Is all I see I can t help but stare
Dreaming of you by my side
Dreaming of you to have you in my life
I would give my life
Just to see you now
Track Name: Signs Of Decay
All I had lost in life
And my hope decays
With no one in my side
What I need fades away
Death is coming on my way
I can t escape

I can t sleep at night
Your face I see in the stars
I discovered loneliness
There is nothing more to say
What I found a reason to die

Keeping broken promises
This is what you left
The noose awaits one more night
A strenght I have to find
You will never come back
And my hope decays
You will never come back
Where are you ?
Track Name: Pale Faces
Our kingdom crushed
For this last time
Only ashes what I found
Empty hearts inside
How can I save me?

Look at me now is this alright
All is lost can you retry
Empty words with no meaning
You built your wall I am outside

I can t get close to you
And my hope is leaving me

Dead inside dead outside
Pale faces of despair
Life I can t find
Live by your side
Die by your hands
Life I can t find
Track Name: Covered In Silence
What is about you life I need to know
What is in you r mind I m dying to know
What is in your heart I need to know
The distance is killing me between me and you
Tell me what s left inside I want to know
What happened in your life I want to know

How could it be worse than this
How could I see what you keep for me
All I see is endless suffering
All I hear your silence
Your answers is silence
I embrace your silence

I want to dissapear far away from you
Pain and death I fear keep it there for you
I don t need more tears I ve cried enough for you
I want to kill you for what I ve been through
Track Name: My Despair
I remember all the nights
When our souls were so alive
I remember leaving flowers in your hands

As I close my eyes
I see you dressed in white
Your face I ll never see again
This is my despair

Now you see me I m bleeding
Dead emotions in my heart
Never felt important
For the rest of my life